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Watercolor Meditation

Take some time and find a leaf, flower or a photo that sparks joy or interest and use it to work through this simple demonstration of applying watercolor, light to dark.

Step 1

Lightly draw the frame or the area of your image with a pencil.

Step 2

Place masking tape along all edges, overlapping at the corners.

Step 3

Lightly sketch the image you've chosen - giving yourself clearly defined boundaries between color, light and shadow.

Step 4

Begin painting the lightest colors of your image - the highlights, the lightest colors where the light hits the image. Allow your work to dry then work your way around the image painting the next darker color and so on.

Step 5

For this exercise, you can paint the background or leave it white, just focusing on your subject.

Step 6

Be kind to yourself and don't demand too much. Let yourself play.

Step 7

I decided to place a purple shadow in there which gave it a personality of it's own! It looks like a sinister dude.

Step 8

Let the whole painting dry completely. Use a small fan if you've got it. Remove the tape once it's dry.

Enjoy yourselves. All of this is meant to be relaxing so if the shapes don’t look right or the colors don’t capture what you see, just let it go..
Love ya!

Follow Your North Star

This past month has been one where I’ve felt a little lost, even while I felt like I knew exactly where I was going. I did all the ‘right’ things; crossing all the T’s and dotting all the I’s but I felt a little empty and inadequate at the end of every day. Too much on my plate and no brakes to say ‘no.’ I was sorry every week to miss the opportunity to say ‘Hey’ to you guys.


Don’t Fear the Egg

This week has been cold and rainy and a little grey. And this is the week that Annie, our giant chicken, laid her first egg. It was a little alarming for her and her chicken friend, Lucy and they clucked the whole time.


Love Thy Frickin’ Self

I woke up this morning a little under the weather and the urge to stay in, under covers and just be. And here I am typing away at you guys. That’s cause I’m being led down a rabbit hole – a helpful one and have an urge to share.

Tech Tips

Tech Tip: iPhone Precision Keyboard Cursor

Selecting text on my iPhone has always been frustrating, but it’s been especially so since they stopped magnifying the text when you long press it. What I didn’t know, until recently, is that Apple updated the way the cursor works in iOS 12 — two years ago!


Ants vs Owl

None of us is the yogi on the mountain or the unflappable guru. We’ve got lives and reactions to life, families, businesses, emergencies and troubles.

Tech Tips

Tech Tip: Remove Text Formatting in Windows

Do you ever have a need to remove formatting from text before pasting it into Word or some other document software? I do this all the time in my design work, and I needed a way to do this in Windows 10.

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