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In the course of my work in my own business and in working with clients, I’ve tried SOOOOO many apps. I’ve test and dismissed those which didn’t work for me (all still good ones), and claimed the few that really make a difference for me. Anywhere I can give you guys a leg up or short-cut to finding solutions, I take them! 


As an artist, graphic designer, web designer/developer, being able to get ideas from ma’ brain, into digital and plugged into my final media with the least amount of hassle. I’ve used Wacom for YEARS and it’s magic – it did the trick, but I always wanted the screen tablet. I just couldn’t justify the cost. I got myself an iPad Pro recently and looked around for a way for it’s pen-sensitive self to help me create illustrations, logos and touch-up photos. Enter: Astropad Luna Display and Darkboard. Both of these items are magic! Really. Luna Display permits me to use my iPad for Photoshop and Illustrator on my desktop, and Darkboard leaves me feeling like I’ve got a 13×17-inch drawing board in my hands, on my lap, whatever. I highly, highly recommend both of these doodads for anyone with an iPad Pro who’s ready to go pro. Or, at least FEEL pro.

I’ve just begun working with video marketing – and it isn’t as easy as it looks when you’re a one-woman-band. If you’ve got any scripted material, it can be a real headache to figure out how to read the material, keep your eyes on the camera and to sound fresh and natural. This lil’ app solved it for me and made it easy. I’ve been dreading jumping into video but now I’m excited. I can’t recommend this enough! Check it out here.

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