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Elyssar Press
The branding for Elyssar Press contains a timeless and feminine strength embodied in the figure of an ancient amphora. The website is simple and clean, a perfect foil for the materials contained within.
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Rhythm Muse Learning
Creative Expression, Joy and Resilience. Full body movement, playfulness, balance and the mind-body-spirit healing possible through the UCLArts & Healing SEA program which is the basis of Jenn's work.
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Plum Nelly Dry Goods
It's all about the creativity, baby. This logo directs the viewer to choose their own direction and choose that which is good for the soul.
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At Plum Nelly Productions, we honor the playful, creative spirit in every person. CREATIVITY fuels not just radical artworks but can and does exist in every part of our lives and work. It is a partner to science and technology and leads us to deeper lives well-lived.

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