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Perfection almost killed our newsletter.

Yuppers. The Plum Nelly Productions newsletter almost stopped before it even got started. For those few who are receiving it, at the writing of this post, you haven’t heard from me since July!

Perfection always seems like the safe alternative. If you want to get that project, nail that presentation, reach your revenue goals, make your dreams come true … then being perfect is the perfect way to control the outcome and make it work, right?

I know you know better.

Perfection is how I may try to control my situation, to make people like me, make my clients hire me and is how I feel that I’ll become successful through strain and pain. And it’s not true. Perfection is one of the most uncomfortable ways I have of trying to play it safe.

Take a pause today and give yourself permission to get it wrong. Give yourself permission to love yourself, love your work and to share it with the world – however that looks to you. Don’t wait for perfect.

You’re worth it.
And your business is worth it.

Transformational Story

I’d like to share the logo I worked on for the American Associate of University Women, Redlands Branch STEM program.

With their discovery board, used to help narrow color palette, ideas and concepts, we started this journey with three concepts. The final concept below is a beautiful combination of the AAUW dark blue with green. It represented their 25th year of continued work to empower women and girls through education in areas of STEM. It was a joy to work with these women and help them to represent their love and passion for the young women in our community.


I was recently gifted a chicken who was destined to be stew (she did not play nice with others) and a rabbit who just showed up in my yard. They are now the best of friends.

They hang out, huddle together for warmth, alert each other when danger is near (like the neighborhood hawk who spied on them for a couple days) and they chase each other around like little nuts.

It’s so easy to isolate when we’re stressed. Reach out today and let the warmth of friendship hold and shelter you – and reach right back and hold them in turn.

Wendy Hunt is an artist, illustrator, free-range thinker, musician, and writer living in the Mojave Desert. She loves the playful element of designing and developing brands, websites, and marketing goodies. Wendy has always loved maps and speculates that we can visually map our interior landscape the same way we map our physical world.

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We’re so happy to welcome you to the Plum Nelly tribe. Fill in your details below and receive news, products, inspiration and workshop notifications.