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Music Lessons

At Plum Nelly Creative, we honor the creative spirit in all its many forms. Music is a significant part of OUR lives – songwriting, performing, and playing with friends and for friends and we want to share it forward.

Classes for all those who would love to know how to play or sing but haven’t had the nerve, before now, to give it a shot. And for those who simply want to learn some musical skills. And for those who know they’ve got a secret superstar yearning to break free and who need help freeing that bird.

We’re offering lessons at the 29 Palms Creative Center.

We are built to sing like birds – free and soaring. Come unlearn all the ways you’ve learned to keep it inside!

Finger-picking fun. Learn how to play your favorite songs.

Playin’ a ukelele is easy, gentle on the fingers, and fun.

Learn the basics so that you can play your favorite songs and have fun at the keys.

Learn the basics of songwriting, writing, rhythm and phrasing.

We’ll spend some time getting to know each other and we’ll play some musical games. Let’s have some fun with music!

1. What is one song you’d love to be able to play? This is a goals question, think about a song that makes you play air guitar and sing into the hairbrush microphone. Or one which simply moves you.

2. What is your experience with music, lessons, and performing and/or writing music? What did you like and dislike about it?

3. What is your favorite thing to do? (Aside from playing music and taking lessons from Plum Nelly, of course)

If  you don’t really know what you think about any of that stuff, then don’t worry about it. Just come prepared to have fun!

Half-hour lesson: $30

1-hour lesson: $60

Teaching Philosophy

Mission: To give my students the knowledge and know-how to have musical fun, whatever that looks like to them. And to help my students gain their voice, expression, and musical fun with songs they love.

Musical basics: to help my students hear the music, read the music; feel and count rhythm; how to play music with confidence and fun.


Wendy Hunt is a singer-songwriter whose original songs are full of heart and humor. She began her music journey in the 60s, falling asleep to her father’s music get-togethers and jams. Wendy first played on an old piano on the front porch of the family cabin and soon came to turn to the piano as a confidante and source of expression. 

She’s performed as a vocalist in The Buffalo Blues, Northwest, Circle Band, Plum Nelly Music and solo. While Wendy has performed at events, festivals and on stage, her favorite performances are impromptu and intimate.

Growing up along the east coast from Nashville to Pennsylvania, her music reflects the bluegrass, folk, and country of her childhood as well as jazz and blues. 

Wendy studied vocal techniques with Josephine Lombardo, a professional soprano and creative director of the West Coast Opera Company. 

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