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Ivonne Gordon

Before we met…

Ivonne was an internationally recognized poet, essayist, literary critic, and translator and a passionate professor of Latin American literature for over twenty-four years when we met. She had been teaching herself about social media for around a year and had built a modest but strong following but could tell that her brand, or lack of brand, was impeding her ability to do more with her online presence.

What we realized …

Ivonne introduced me to her work, philosophies and shared some of her behind the scenes work. We discussed her site and the possibilities of any other tools she might need. We decided to use Canva for her brand posts, and to integrate as much of this as we could with her Squarespace website.

And now, the WOW… 

We developed her brand based on the concepts of four elements, winds, directions, and the experiential work she is doing, which crosses all of those boundaries. We developed patterns and textures that can be used as a visual cue for that which takes place underneath the surface. We then reviewed her Squarespace website and developed her goals for it: brand application, pages, and function. The final site includes her work and books with links for purchases, samples of writing, a press page, contact page, and a press-kit page to simplify delivering bio and photos for speaking engagements, a newsletter template, a branded Canva account, and the initial designs for social media.

Check out Ivonne’s work at IvonneGordon.com.

When we first began, I had a lack of knowledge about what branding was all about, how to seek professional help with my brand, and improve the website. Creating my brand and website involved self-exploration as well as clarifying for me what it is that I want to accomplish. This was an exciting journey because I had the privilege to work with an artist who is extremely professional and generous. >> The best part of working together for me was the communication. It was always clear and concise. I always felt I was working with a professional I could totally trust. I loved working together; our meetings were strategizing ways to improve the website and create new venues, but there was always a deep conversation that enriched the experience. I don't think I could have asked for a better match. >> Her technical knowledge is excellent, as well as her artistic creativity and sensitivity. Her two sides are very strong, which was extremely helpful to me. She was able to guide me through it with extreme patience, kindness, and vast knowledge. >> Working with Wendy of Plum Nelly Creative was a true pleasure and a learning experience. Her strong technical knowledge and her well-rounded artistic background made a perfect combination for my extremely satisfied working experience with her. I got more than I ever expected, and now I know that my brand can grow, and I can achieve goals that I never expected. Wendy is an insightful designer and is a true artist. This was such a delightful working experience. She is the best of the best.

Wendy Hunt is an artist, illustrator, free-range thinker, musician, and writer living in the Mojave Desert. She loves the playful element of designing and developing brands, websites, and marketing goodies. Wendy has always loved maps and speculates that we can visually map our interior landscape the same way we map our physical world.

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Ivonne Gordon

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We’re so happy to welcome you to the Plum Nelly tribe. Fill in your details below and receive news, products, inspiration and workshop notifications.