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Universes Collide CH1IAEMWUAAxf5e


when universes collide

they fall into unexpected gravity wells

planets locked in orbit

and circling other

unfamiliar planets

break orbit

causing tidal waves

giants of the same weight class

circle each other

seeking dominance

if they cannot resolve this

or leave each other

then they will collide

with fire

with volcano

with fissures

with breaking

with joining

new planets form


there is nothing

the collisions create the dust of new systems,

      comets streaking,

             or asteroids

we are gods.

we are citizens.

when we forget we are gods,

when we believe we are inhabitants,

everything is frightening

frightened gods are frightening

gods who are frightened

wreak destruction

           on unsubtle levels

swaths of destruction

when they move the unmovable

the bright lights of our suns,

these known and heavy bodies,

larger than we can imagine

                      endangered in these moments

when universes collide

Do you believe in the breaking of solar systems?

Do you believe our planets align?

Do my gravity wells dance with yours?

Does this sweet planet please you enough to stay?

Do we believe in stuck places?

Do we believe that we are gods?

Do we believe we choose?

Do we believe it is chosen for us?

Do we believe the story was already written?

Do we believe we are choosing the story?

When universes collide

do we believe in creation or destruction?

It does not matter whether or not we believe.

we are gods.

Whether or not we believe,

we choose.


Follow Your North Star

This past month has been one where I’ve felt a little lost, even while I felt like I knew exactly where I was going. I did all the ‘right’ things; crossing all the T’s and dotting all the I’s but I felt a little empty and inadequate at the end of every day. Too much on my plate and no brakes to say ‘no.’ I was sorry every week to miss the opportunity to say ‘Hey’ to you guys.


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I woke up this morning a little under the weather and the urge to stay in, under covers and just be. And here I am typing away at you guys. That’s cause I’m being led down a rabbit hole – a helpful one and have an urge to share.

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