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29 Palms Creative Center

Before we met… Gretchen runs a small and active creative studio in Twentynine Palms, in the Mojave Desert. She had an old site which had been designed a number of years ago by a friend. She had been doing her best to make it clear and functional, but the site was having age-related problems. The […]

Michael Proud

Mike was a phenomenal musician with years of experience writing and performing his music but he was struggling to get his online presence up and running.

Ivonne Gordon

Ivonne had been teaching herself about social media for around a year and had built a modest but strong following but could tell that her brand, or lack of brand, was impeding her ability to do more with her online presence.

Rhythm Muse Learning

Jenn, a college instructor, and an avid percussionist, was changing her professional focus and was starting her own business. She felt a little lost when she thought about setting up her online presence.

Nichole Moorman

Nichole, a therapist specializing in stress and burnout issues, had just attended an intense seminar course on business. She just wasn’t sure how to put all of that information to use.

Elyssar Press

Katia was a multi-passionate creative who had a real talent with writing and storytelling. She had gone through some life-changing personal events and was ready to focus her life through a business, art, writing, or music. She wasn’t sure.

Beachworks Coaching

Chris had just been told that his hosting company was closing its doors and he would have to find another hosting solution and a new web design.

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