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Wise Bodies

In my work, I have the privilege of assisting individuals in building and refining their businesses. It’s a journey of discovering how they want to

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Embrace your whole business!

Getting to the head, heart and hands of our inspired business We’ve all faced obstacles—moments of self-doubt, knowledge gaps, and the longing for recognition while

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Seeds of Love

Loving all of your business When we embark on our business journey, we know deep down why we’re doing it. We want to nurture our

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Genuine Pleasure

It’s a genuine pleasure to meet you again. It’s been a while. Thanks for being here. I’m glad to see you. Since I last wrote,

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Follow Your North Star

This past month has been one where I’ve felt a little lost, even while I felt like I knew exactly where I was going. I did all the ‘right’ things; crossing all the T’s and dotting all the I’s but I felt a little empty and inadequate at the end of every day. Too much on my plate and no brakes to say ‘no.’ I was sorry every week to miss the opportunity to say ‘Hey’ to you guys.

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Don’t Fear the Egg

This week has been cold and rainy and a little grey. And this is the week that Annie, our giant chicken, laid her first egg. It was a little alarming for her and her chicken friend, Lucy and they clucked the whole time.

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Love Thy Frickin’ Self

I woke up this morning a little under the weather and the urge to stay in, under covers and just be. And here I am typing away at you guys. That’s cause I’m being led down a rabbit hole – a helpful one and have an urge to share.

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Ants vs Owls

None of us is the yogi on the mountain or the unflappable guru. We’ve got lives and reactions to life, families, businesses, emergencies and troubles.

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Perfection always seems like the safe alternative. If you want to get that project, nail that presentation, reach your revenue goals, make your dreams come true … then being perfect is the perfect way to control the outcome and make it work, right?

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