Dare to live intentionally, creatively, and authentically.

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At Plum Nelly Creative, we believe that there is a playful, creative spirit in every person. CREATIVITY fuels not just radical artworks but can and does exist in every part of our lives and work. It is a partner to science and technology and leads us to deeper lives well-lived.

Welcome to Plum Nelly Creative, where we celebrate the vibrant, playful spirit in each and every one of us. 🎨✨

At Plum Nelly, creativity isn’t just reserved for radical artworks – it’s woven into the very fabric of our lives and work. Whether you’re painting a masterpiece or tackling everyday challenges, creativity is your trusty companion, guiding you to deeper, more fulfilling experiences.

As your friendly neighborhood Creative Coach and Director, I’m here to nurture and support you every step of the way. Whether it’s teaching, lending an ear, or simply holding space, I’m passionate about helping you unlock your full creative potential.

Why? Because I believe that self-expression isn’t just a luxury – it’s a fundamental part of a life well-lived. And here at Plum Nelly, we know that adding a touch of fun and playfulness to everything we do makes the journey all the more enjoyable.

But we’re not just about creativity – we’re about craftsmanship, too. We believe that anything worth doing is worth doing well, with attention to detail and a commitment to excellence.

And when it comes to integrity, we keep it real. No faking it here – just pure, authentic creativity that’s true to who we are. Because at Plum Nelly, we’re all about putting the “awe” in “authentic.”

Plus, we’re passionate about our planet. After all, we call Earth our home, and we believe in treating her with the love and respect she deserves. 🌍

So whether you’re an artist, an entrepreneur, or just someone who loves to explore their creative side, Plum Nelly Creative is here for you. Let’s embark on this journey together, and unleash the magic of creativity in every aspect of our lives. 🌟

Welcome to the Plum Nelly family! 🎉

Supporting, teaching, breathing, holding space for: these are ways in which I love to support people I care about and work with.

I believe that self-expression and creativity are vital for a life well-lived. They are also invaluable to bring a fun and playful spirit to my business.

I believe that anything worth doing is worth doing well, with attention to detail.

No faking it. I’m keeping it simple and staying true to myself. Puttin’ the AWE in AWEthentic.

I live on this earth, and I’m a part of her. I believe that she is a living being; full of grace and deserving of our best care.

Who am I? Good Question!

Wendy Hunt

Creative Coach and Creative Director

I’m an artist, illustrator, free-range thinker, mother/sister/daughter, musician, and writer. I love teaching people about the things I’m passionate about – all things creative, copper wrapping and music (and tons more). I graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in illustration and have been an entrepreneur for over twenty years.

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