Dare to live intentionally, creatively, and authentically.

I design heart-ful brands and websites for creatives, businesses, and creatives in business!


As someone who creates and expresses, I felt stuck and unsure about how to promote my work or even how best to describe it and to advertise it. My own design, web development, marketing, and even creative direction, are things I had trouble gaining perspective on. When I realized what I needed, I did a deep dive into my creative workings, how what I do impacts my clients, how to talk about it and how to support other creatives and businesses in their own journey of business development.

Through creative coaching, I help my clients plug into their creative brilliance, where they shine, how to talk about their work and how to promote businesses through their marketing and website.

Creativity – not just for creatives!

EVERYone is creative. Connecting with that amazing, and sometimes hidden or forgotten creative part of ourselves means we have to slow down, change our thinking and take different types of action.

coaching is for:

Personal development

  • reconnect with their creative self.
  • you yearn for self-expression but have never felt creative.
  • anyone who wants to develop a creative way of moving through their lives and the world around them.

Growing your business

  • outside-the-box thinking.
  • navigating growth and change.
  • showing up, being authentic, being true to you.

Creative project assistance

  • looking for new ways of thinking.
  • feeling stuck, defeated and listless.
  • not sure what the project needs in order to thrive.

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I’m Wendy Hunt, graphic designer, illustrator, free-range thinker, mother/sister/daughter, musician and writer. This creative coaching studio is your safe-space for re-imagining yourself, your business or finding your way around your creative blocks.

It is time to bring yourself more authentically to the table and discover your inner creative compass.

Send me an email and tell me your name, a short background and why you’re looking for a creativity coach, brand and web development.

Email me at >> wendy@plumnellycreative.com

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